Home Based Charity Fundraiser / Remote Telesales Advisor

You will need recent call handling, outbound telesales or fundraising experience for the position.
You will need a decent computer and (call centre type) headset with a microphone to commence this position along with a decent broadband connection.

An energetic Bristol based charity fundraising call centre is expanding and requires creative and passionate people to join the team.
This job is work from home indefinitely, however you will need your own decent Windows modern computer and a USB headset with a microphone, if you are not based in the Bristol area. You also need a decent broadband connection with an upload speed above 8 and a download speed above 25.

You will need good communication skills on the phone. You will need recent outbound telesales experience or fundraising experience. You will need a passion for charity. You will need the ability to work a computer and input information into a computer.

There is a telephone interview including a script based roleplay / pretend call and they are doing weekly remote training sessions on Zoom – you will need a smart phone / laptop or tablet to attend Zoom training.
The training pay, so the first 3 days of online Zoom training, which amounts to 15 hours, is held back until you complete 120 hours service,
After training you will then connect your computer to the company dialler which will feed through calls when they are answered, the script will cascade down your screen and you will engage members of the public and inspire them to start making regular monthly direct debit donations on a long term basis. The company will need your computer to be secure and they may look to add additional security software to ensure the safety of customer data (any software additions will not take up much space and can be easily removed and support will be provided).
Working on various campaigns, raising money for some of the world’s most important charities, you'll be calling the general public, letting them know about the amazing work and successes of the charities and inspiring them to become supporters and to start making these monthly direct debit donations. The role is packed with job satisfaction, a friendly social atmosphere (online) and a great opportunity to make a difference.
You will work five days a week between the hours of 12:00-20:00 Monday to Friday, and some Saturday's 10:30-18:30, if you work the Saturday you get a day off in the week.

This role pays £8.85ph, however consistent target achievement will see the rate rise to £9.30ph and then to £9.85ph with good OTE commission opportunities. Whilst in training, the pay rate is £8.72ph (normally first 2 weeks depending on your performance). The commission structure is good, with an OTE of £720 monthly bonus, along with additional bonuses including a further £70 per week for consistent target achievement and other incentives including “caller of the week” which is £35 per week in an additional bonus. There are other incentives also.