At Proactive Solutions Group our focus is not only delivering quality candidates to our clients.

So if you have found your way to this page as you are considering finding permanent or temporary cover perhaps for a colleague who is on long term sickness for stress, wellbeing related or unknown reasons we can help. 

If you’re an employer – working with Emma Jane can help you successfully bring back colleagues rather than lose and rehire.
If you’re an employee – and you’re struggling at work or with your role, Emma Jane can help you. 

In any situation an initial FREE CONSULTATION is a good idea to begin with.  

We recommend you work with Emma to support with:

• Anxiety linked with a demanding role, procrastination or expectation to perform
• Difficult interactions with others
• Dealing with stressful situations
• Struggling to set goals or next steps

If you would like to:

• Navigate effortlessly through problems and decisions
• Deal with difficult people with ease
• Negotiate with others without compromising your own integrity
• Leave your meetings and interactions feeling proud, heard and in control
• Reduce your stress and anxiety

So that you can:

• Feel in control and confident about the decisions you make
• Resolve conflict easily
• Enjoy your work and your relationships
• Feel excited about the future
• Combat overwhelm and stress

She gets results and that’s why we recommend her.

If you’d like to know how you can work with Emma on your wellbeing. Get in touch - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


emmajaneWorking with HR teams and business owners: 

All too often personal issues within a business are simply brushed under the carpet, labelled ‘too difficult’ and left to HR to go through a gruelling performance process.

There is another way!

It’s easier, cheaper and shows you care. Work place Health and Well-being at its finest.

‘Calum (senior manager in Operations) hasn’t been on top of his game for a few months now. He’s not focusing on the bigger picture, always in the detail, not able to get results with his team, late for meetings, struggling to give quality updates and his drive & inspiration is a thing of the past.

He’s clearly not the talent we once thought he was. Let’s get HR involved as we can’t afford for this to continue. We may be looking at demotion or a performance plan. Both I know will involve throwing a bit of time and money at it. But it can’t stay as it is. This isn’t an easy process for anyone. It’s demoralising for the colleague and exhausting for us.’


‘Calum has seemed distant and off him game for a few months now. He’s visibly struggling. Have we understood what’s happening for him? He’s given so much to this company and the guys in his team think the world of him. Maybe there are issues he’s facing outside of the job, perhaps the job has lost its appeal and he needs to find his drive again. I think we should get Calum some support. A few sessions with Emma to understand what’s happening for him and move this forward one way or another.’

If you’d like to find out how Emma can support a better outcome, get in touch. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.