Our selection process is well-defined and streamlined to provide the highest quality of service to clients and candidates alike. Our mission at Proactive Solutions Group is to provide a multitude of services. We offer candidate selection, HR, assessment, training and wellbeing services. Recruitment wise:

1. We interview our candidates and score their CVs using our comprehensive methodology to develop an exhaustive profile to forward to our clients. We never alter or reformat our candidates CV as we consider this is as false economy and against the code of ethics.

2. Once interviewed and correctly profiled, we select key notes to include them in the candidate’s covering letter and forward the CV recommending them for vacancies. At this point we work with you to understand the candidates presented, refine our selection and forward any queries you may have for the client.

3. Following the interview, we forward candidate feedback to the client and also ask for client feedback for the candidates. We provide a non-intrusive service where the client defines our involvement.

4. After the candidate is hired and receives his/her offer, we forward all relevant documentation and invoice you the day your new employee joins.

We cover all the necessities of a recruitment process—from pre-screening candidates to advertising and providing interview locations. We work efficiently in the background so that our clients and candidates can experience a comfortable, hassle-free recruitment process. We also provide reference checking should the client prefer us to obtain references.